"Emma's Place"

Message From The Artist:

 When we moved into our first house in 1984, we adopted Yezo and SuSu, two Akitas, affectionately known as ‘the pups’.  I had seen greyhounds at dog shows and always knew I wanted one in my life.  SuSu was our first loss in 1992.  In 1995, Yezo joined his sister in heaven, and that’s when we adopted Emma.  We had no idea how quickly our family would grow.  We started off with Emma, Daisy, and Grace.  Then, when Emma passed, we adopted Nana (a.k.a. Savannah), a retired AKC show dog who gave birth to seven adorable little ones.  The cycle continued over the years by adopting one needy greyhound after another every time we lost a beloved family member.  I grew more and more fond of the seniors, the ones who are harder to place.  Grace was seven when we adopted her.  Nana was eight, Andy was ten, Dakota was twelve, Speedy was almost thirteen, Scooby was seven, and our newest family member, Sunny, was eleven and a half.

 My husband thinks I’m nuts getting dogs who are, in some cases, at the end of their earthly journey.  It’s hard to put into words, but I’d rather have their love for a brief time then not at all.  The seniors seem to be so thankful when they come here because they know that, despite whatever illnesses they bring along with them, they are truly wanted and will spend the rest of their days here with us, no matter how many or how few they may be.  My vehicle, or greyhound taxi as my husband likes to call it, is equipped with everything I need for helping with the search and rescue efforts of lost greyhounds, and I’m ready to roll out the door at a moment’s notice.

 We have the typical greyhound house…..dog beds in almost every room…..area rugs and runners covering our beautiful ceramic tile and hardwood floors……dog crates have become a permanent fixture in our bedroom…..a ramp and stadium steps out to the backyard……a mobile veterinarian who is practically on call…..we even recently purchased our first mini-van just for them.  Yes, I guess one could say we have ‘gone to the dogs’, but what a life!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

 Daisy, our little terrier-mix, has seen many greyhounds come and go over the years, and has taken over Emma’s role as matriarch of our canine family.  She has no idea that they tower over her, and will go nose to nose if one of the steps out of line when she’s around.  My love for greyhounds has sparked this business venture.  I wanted to use my God-given talents to honor each of them for all the love they gave us while they were here.  That’s why I chose the name Emma’s Place.  If it hadn’t been for her, you wouldn’t be reading this story right now.  Thank you Emma, my love.


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